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About Us

Nikisa Closet was created by me Asyik Izas.. In June 2011, I'm decided to start a new fashion label which is Nikisa Closet.. 

In Greek 'Nikisa' was mean 'I won'.. Nikisa Closet is an online blogshop which provides pre-loved items and also new design.. We always thinking and wanted to create something that we can share with the world.. Nikisa Closet is made out to all lovely women out there who love fashion, modest and stylish..

Fashion is our passion, design is our life, graphic is our muse and creativity always in our heart and mind. So don't left out, we promise to give something interesting and pleasant suprise in every collection.

With love and style, 
Nikisa Closet

'We are shaped and fashioned by what we love'
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