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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Come come come shopping with Nikisa Closet..Limited clothes here..Nikisa Closet have pre-loved and new items here..You guys can check out here..Thank you and enjoy shopping!!

Crumpled Long Dress AVAILABLE|  Size: Fits M - L | Price : RM 70
Suitable height 160 cm and above

Harajuku Pink Top (PRE-LOVED)AVAILABLE|  Size: Fits S-M | Price : RM 40

Polka Black Dress AVAILABLE|  Size: Fits S-M | Price : RM 25

Studded Brown Dress (PRE-LOVED) AVAILABLE|  Size: Fits S-M | Price : RM 25

Arcadia Flora Top (PRE-LOVED) AVAILABLE|  Size: Fits S-M | Price : RM 25

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